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Standard Carbon Steel Reeds

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Our Standard Carbon Steel Reeds are available in a variety of dents (6, 8, 10 and 12 are the most popular). Carbon Steel Reeds (which ARE NOT RUSTPROOF) are an alternative to steel reeds. They cost less but are inferior to stainless steel.
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Product Details:

Available in 6 - 15 Dent & 9.5" - 60" Width

Our Standard Carbon Steel Reeds are available in a variety of dents (6, 8, 10 and 12 are the most popular).
Carbon Steel Reeds (which ARE NOT rustproof) are an alternative to steel reeds. They cost less but are  inferior to stainless steel.

If you are interested in any sizes not listed (we do not list them all), please call or check out our custom reed page. In determining the length of a reed to buy, understand that the lengths we specify are the approximate weaving widths, not the actual length of the reed, which will be approximately .75 to 1 inch longer. Examine how your reed fits in your beater to determine if total length is critical (normally critical when, in addition to the top and bottom rails, there is some type of vertical support on each end of the beater that restricts total reed length). Different looms handle this in different ways. You can determine your weaving width by measuring the inside of your harness. Don't order the wrong size reed. If in doubt, call us - 800-441-9665.

Note regarding height: all reeds are 4 3/4" to 5" high and will fit most looms.Almost all  beaters have adjustments for the bearer rails that allow different height
s. If reed height is important for the design of your beater, call us first. We can help.

If you need a dent size other than what we list, we can accommodate any size and any dent - including metric and 1/2 dent sizes.

Note about our reeds: our main supplier of reeds has updated  the manner of construction of reeds. Our reeds  use a hard plastic cover for the top and bottom rails of the reed; older versions used a tape-like cover. The new reeds are no longer made with a heavy end support as the new manner of construction eliminates the need. The stated length of the new reeds is still the weaving width but in reality you may be able to weaving 3-6 additional dents, or maybe .5 inches more. We think you will like the new style and they will provide years of service.

The following list will specify reed size (by weaving width - not total width) for standard looms and manufactures:

The measurements below are Weaving Widths - Remember to add @ 0.75" to 1" to determine the total width of the reed.
Ashford  Looms
16" Ashford Table Loom - 16", 24" or 32"  Reed

Glimakra Looms

Glimakra Julia - 26" Reed
Glimakra Ideal  28" -  28" or 40" Reed
Glimakra Standard 48" - 48", 60" or 64"  Reed

LeClerc Looms

LeClerc Dorothy - 15.75"** & 24" Reed
LeClerc Diana - 24" Reed
LeClerc Voyageur - 9.5", 15.75" & 24" Reed
LeClerc Compact - 24" Reed
LeClerc Artisat - 36" Reed
LeClerc Nilus II - 36", 45", 60"or 72" Reed
LeClerc Fanny II - 36", 45" or 60" Reed
LeClerc Colonial V2 - 45" or 60" Reed
LeClerc Gobelin - 36", 45", 60" or 100" Reed
**Dorothy prior to 1980 take a 15" Reed

Louet Looms

Louet Jane - 16.5" & 27.5" Reed
Louet Kombo - 16" & 28" Reed
Louet David - 28"or 36" Reed
Louet Spring - 36" or 44" Reed
Louet Delta - 44" or 52" Reed
Louet Magic Dobby - 16" or 28" Reed
Louet Octado Dobby - 28", 36" or 44" Reed
Louet Megado - 28", 44" or 52" Reed
Harrisville Looms
Harrisville Model A/6 - 22" Reed
Harrisville Model 22/8 - 22" Reed
Harrisville Model T/6 - 36" Reed
Harrisville Model 36/8 - 36" Reed
Harrisville Model 45 - 45" Reed

Schacht Looms

Schacht Table Loom - 15", 20" & 25"**
Schacht Wolf Pup - 18" Reed
Schacht Baby Wolf - 26" Reed
Schacht Mighty Wolf - 36" Reed
Schacht Standard - 36" & 46" Reed
Schacht Cranbrook - 48, 60" & 72" Reed

Please note that the color, style, and weight of the reeds may vary from reed to reed. If you need a specific style or color please contact the shop (800-441-9665) and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

**Schacht Table looms only have a maximum of 1/2" tolerance.  The total width of the reed can only be 3/8" wider than the weaving width.  Please order these reeds on the custom reed page.

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