Earth Friendly Products

Whether through reducing energy, reusing materials, or recycling them, The Woolery offers several options for eco-conscious customers to give back to the global community with their purchase including:

Hemp Yarn – Because it grows so well without the need for chemicals, hemp is an ecofriendly alternative to cotton. The plant itself also prevents soil erosion and helps aerate the soil for crops planted in the future

Cotton Knit Rag Strips – These cotton rag scraps are able to find new life as the perfect material for woven and crocheted rugs or whatever crafting purpose you can come up with for them 

Handspun Hope Organic Merino Yarn – Using dyes created from native Rwandan plants, the Fair Trade Federation certified organization employs more than 120 women in the making of this 100% organic wool yarn.

Rosie's Sari Silk Roving – Made from pieces of recycled sari silk, this roving can be blended with other fibers and is perfect for spinning or felting. 

Uneek Cotton Yarn – For every skein of this yarn purchased, Urth Yarns plants a tree in Africa. These trees not only help prevent soil erosion, but also provide food, fuel, and marketable materials for families living in areas of extreme poverty.

African Fair Trade Baskets – These durable and handmade baskets are made by the people of Bolgatanga, Ghana where basket weaving is the main source of income. The baskets themselves are woven by women, while the leather handles are made and processed by the men. Proceeds from basket sales go to fund school fees, healthcare, and buildings for weavers and their families. 

For more information on how you can craft more sustainably, check out this guide to the most and least sustainable fibers and fabrics!