Camp Woolery



Camp Woolery is back for 2023 and this year, we’re mixing it up!

Follow along with us as we go from sheep to sham with themed workshops on fiber preparation, spinning, and weaving with handspun! 

Fiber Prep 101

Instructor Active in Facebook Group: Aug 14th - 18th

Facebook Live: 8/16 at 2PM EST

Instructors: Dani and Karen
Besides actually shearing the sheep, Dani and Karen will cover everything you need to know about prepping your fiber! 

Spinning to Weave

Instructor Active in Facebook Group: Aug 28th - Sep 1st

Facebook Live: 8/30 at 2PM EST

Instructors: Annie and Dani 

Now that the fiber is prepped, join us as we spin to weave it later! We'll share tips & tricks to make sure your handspun is weaving ready.

Materials & Tools You Will Need:

- Merino Natural Stripe Top

Spinning Wheel, E-Spinner, or Spindle*

- Bobbins

- Niddy Noddy

*To fully participate you will need a spinning tool. This can be a spinning wheel, e-spinner, or hand spindle.


Weave it to Amy’s Pillow Sham Project - Instructions Can Be Found Here!

Instructor Active in Facebook Group: Sep 5th - 8th

Facebook Live: 9/6 at 2PM 

Instructors: Amy and Annie

It’s the end of the line and we’ll show you how to weave a decorative pillow sham.

Find project details here 



Camp Woolery FAQs


What is Camp Woolery?

Camp Woolery is a series of workshops we’re providing for free! They require no sign-up, no entry fee, and no purchases, if you don’t want to! 

I want to join in, what should I do now?

Join the Facebook Community Group now!  Purchase any materials you'd like to have to follow along using the Materials List under each workshop. Then patiently await for the workshop dates! 

How do I sign up?

 You don’t! Follow along in the Facebook group or be on the look out for weekly emails with resources for that week's topic!

Do I have to participate in all three workshops?

Nope! You do not have to participate in all three workshops to be able to follow along which is why we're spinning with fiber that is ready to spin - no prep required! And if you're not a spinner, we've included yarn substitutions so you can still weave a pillow! 

I want to participate but I'm not available during the workshop dates. Can I still play along? 

 Yes of course! The workshop dates are so we can all work together and chat as a community.

I don't use Facebook, how can I participate? 

 That's okay! The community group is going to be hosted on Facebook, but all of the information will be available on our blog and resources for that week will be emailed to you! You don't need Facebook to participate in the workshop. It will be the best place to reach out to our teachers if you want to interact with them! 

I'm not available for my workshop's Facebook Live Date, what do I do? 

 No problem! The Facebook Live dates are for live Q&A with our teachers. If you can't make them you can watch the videos afterwards, we will post them in the group! If you have a question for our teachers but can't make the Live date you can always post your question in the group!   

Can I use my own stash yarn/fiber/materials for the workshop? 

 Yes! We have lists of the materials we use and other things you might need listed above. Feel free to use stuff you already have if you can!   

You can find previous years' workshops here!