Camp Woolery


We had an outstanding and wonderful first Camp Woolery summer event! Though the dates have passed you can still access all the videos on our YouTube page as well as class materials on our website! We look forward to unveiling topics for Camp Woolery 2023!

Introducing, Camp Woolery, a series of online summer workshops. If you participated in our Woolery Spin Along last year, this is an expansion of that Summer virtual workshop! Class packets, videos, and, Facebook Community Group can be accessed for free. Kits including workshop materials and tools are available for each class. Check out our three different class options below and the bottom of this page for some FAQs on Camp Woolery!



Tame the Rainbow - Color Management for Spinning Hand Dyed Fiber

Instructor Active On Facebook: July 11 - 24th  

Facebook Live Q&A: July 13th 2pm Eastern

Teacher: Annie LaForge

Hand dyed fiber is beautiful and lovely to work with but if you spin from it without planning you can create a muddy mess. Learn how to prep your hand dyed fiber to create a Fractal Style Yarn and Gradient Style Yarn. Practice chain plying to keep your colors together. This is not a learn how to spin class and it is assumed you already have some experience spinning yarn into singles and are familiar with the concept of creating a 2-Ply yarn. 

Tame the Rainbow Kit:

Tame the Rainbow Info Packet - View / Download PDF here.

Tame The Rainbow Kits Include:

- Frabjous Fibers BFL Hand Dyed BFL Top in Calypso, 4oz
- Printed Tame The Rainbow Info Packet
- The Woolery Fabric Tape Measure

Additional Tools You Will Need:

- Spinning Wheel, E-Spinner, or Spindle*
- Bobbins
- Niddy Noddy

*To fully participate you will need a spinning tool. This can be a spinning wheel, e-spinner, or hand spindle.



Weaving Math 101

Instructor Active On Facebook: July 25 - August 7th 

Facebook Live Q&A: July 27th 2pm Eastern, August 3rd 2pm Eastern

Teacher: Dani Schreiner

Learn how to plan your own weaving projects and never run out of yarn! Arm yourself with the power of math and sample making so you know exactly how much yarn you need for a weaving project every time. This is not a beginner weaving class that includes how to warp a loom or weave a project. Instead, this will give you the mathematical tools to plan your next project from scratch!

Weaving Math 101 Kit:

Weaving Math 101 Info Packet - View / Download PDF here.

Weaving Math 101 Kits Include:

- Woolery Project Binder, with pre-printed Project Record Sheets and Weaving Draft Templates
- Woolery Tape Measure
- Camp Woolery Weaving Math 101 Information Packet

Additional Tools You Will Need:

- Writing utensil 



Punch It Up! - Beginner Friendly Rug Punch 

Instructor Active On Facebook: August 8th - August 21st

Facebook Live Q&A: August 10th 2pm Eastern

Teacher: Amy Judd

Create a rug punch project from start to finish including transferring onto fabric, punching, and finishing.  We will be punching Amy Judd’s original Lavender Fields abstract modern pattern for the project. This is a beginner rug punch full video tutorial and class. If you have never rug punched before, we will be teaching you exactly how to get started and create your first project. 


Punch It Up! Kit:

Rug Punch Equipment Bundle:

Punch It Up! Info Packet:  - View / Download PDF here.

Punch It Up! Kits Include: 

- Three full balls of Ella Rae Classic Wool Yarn
Piece of Red Dot Tracing Material
Piece of Rug Warp backing cloth, 18x18”
- Woolery Tape Measure
- Printed Punch It Up! Info Packet including printed pattern and coloring sheets

Additional Tools You Will Need:

Oxford Punch Needle #10 Fine*
Hoop or frame*
- Sharpie Marker
- Straight Pins
- Scrap Cardboard, or other way to protect your work surface for transferring

*Both of these items can be purchased in our Rug Punch Equipment Bundle:

Downloadable PDF Packet will be here live on July 1st.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Camp Woolery?

Camp Woolery is a series of online video and handout-based workshops we’re providing for free! They are essentially self-guided classes, supplemented with videos. They require no sign-up, no entry fee, and no purchases, if you don’t want to! If we run Camp Woolery in the future, the workshops will be different from the ones we’re doing this year.

I want to join in, what should I do now?

Join the Facebook Community Group now, this group is currently closed for discussion but we will be opening it July 1st to answer questions. Purchase any kits for classes that you want the official kit for, or shop for your materials outside of the kit using the Materials List under each class. Then patiently await your class dates! 

How do I sign up?

You don’t! Just download the packet, and head over to YouTube to watch the videos once they’re posted (July 1, 2022).

I want to participate but I'm not available during the class dates. Can I still play along? 

Yes of course! The class dates are so we can all work together and chat as a community but you can definitely work through the videos and packets at your own pace if you're unavailable during those dates. The videos are going to remain free on our YouTube channel and will not be taken down after the class dates! 

I don't use Facebook, how can I participate? 

That's okay! The community group is going to be hosted on Facebook, but all of the videos will be available on YouTube and the packets will be here on our website. You don't need Facebook to participate in the workshop. It will be the best place to reach out to our teachers if you want to interact with them! 

I'm not available for my workshop's Facebook Live Date, what do I do? 

No problem! The Facebook Live dates are for live Q&A with our teachers. If you can't make them you can watch the videos afterwards, we will post them in the group! If you have a question for our teachers but can't make the Live date you can always post your question in the group!  

I joined in The Woolery Spin Along last year, is this the same thing? 

No, we think it's even better! A lot of you had the feedback last year that you wanted a more involved class style format rather than just a community event. We listened and these are full workshops. Each class has 45 minutes or more of video content that explain the techniques and concepts we are covering. 

Do I need to buy a kit to participate?

Nope all of the workshop videos and packets will be linked here for free. You do not need to purchase a kit to access them. The kits are to make it easier to join in with us if you would like to!

Can I use my own stash yarn/fiber/materials for the workshop? 

Yes! We have lists of the materials we use and other things you might need listed above. Feel free to use stuff you already have if you can!