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  • 3M Dust Mask

    3M Dust Mask For use when working with dyes and mo
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  • 56's English Wool Top

    56's English Wool Top 56's English Wool Top is a
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  • Adult Camel Hair Top

    Adult Camel Hair Top The adult camel top includes
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  • Alkanet Root

    Roots from the plant Alkanna tinctoria; also known
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  • Alpaca Roving

    100% Alpaca roving is suitable for both spinning a
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  • Alum

    Alum is the most common mordant. If you are n
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  • Aluminum Acetate

    An alternative mordant to Alum.  Often used a
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  • Angora Top

    Angora Top White fiber is considered to be the mo
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  • Annatto Seeds

    Annatto is a spice and a natural color that is der
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  • Baby Alpaca Top

    Alpacas (Vicugna pacos) are domesticated versions
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