• Exmoor Dorset Horn Top

    One of the more famous native British breeds, the
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  • Lotus Fiber Top

    Some consider fabric from Lotus fiber as one of th
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  • Plastic Y Cone

    Plastic cone for use with yarn or thread winders.
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  • Rosie's Merino / Bamboo Top

    Dyed Merino top blended with bamboo is a variety o
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  • Woolery Spin Along Kit

    Join the spinning fun with the companion kit to th
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  • Metaphos

    Sodium Hexametaphosphate is used to modify the flo
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  • DIY Swatch Loom Cardboard Square

    Make your own swatch loom with this 6" x 6" cardbo
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  • Karakul Roving

    Strong, durable and stable, Karakul is ideal for h
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  • Rayon 8/2 Yarn

    This 100% Rayon yarn offers a nice silky sheen com
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  • Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder Cone Part

    Replacement plastic cone for Rosie's Jumbo Yarn Ba
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  • Cotton Swabs

    Packet of 5 non-sterile cotton swabs.  Great
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