• Dark Grey Cormo Fleece

    Dark Grey Cormo Fleece A very soft and fluffy woo
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  • Hebridean Top

    Tracing their history to the Hebrides ( a 500+ isl
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  • Lleyn Top

    Developed in Wales during the early 1800's, Lleyn
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  • Conservation Breed Fiber Bundle

    MSRP: $56.96
    Was: $56.96
    Now: $51.25
    Conservation Breed Fiber BundleWe have selected fo
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  • Bergschaf Top

    A beautiful natural white wool raised in Austria a
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  • Fustic Powder Extract

    Fustic (old fustic, yellowwood, Dyer's mulberry) i
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  • Woolery Tape Measure

    This flexible vinyl coated tape measure features i
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  • Bluefaced Leicester Top - Grey

    This Long-wool combed top has a lot of crimp which
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