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A rigid heddle loom is an ideal choice to economically learn to weave. The name is derived from the structure of the heddle. A heddle functions to raise or lower the warp threads. A rigid heddle is a fixed panel that moves the warp threads as a group, as opposed to individually thread movement like a wire or Texsolv heddle.

The equivalent of a 2-harness loom, it will allow you to weave light work, such as placemats, dishtowels, scarves, shawls or fabric for clothing. The skills and techniques developed on a rigid heddle loom are all transferable to other types of looms, including the larger table and floor looms.

One of the individuals responsible for the current popularity of rigid heddle looms is Jane Patrick. First at Interweave and now s the Creative Director of Schacht, Jane has been very active as an instructor, lecturer, designer and author.

The Woolery carries rigid heddle looms for sale from Schacht, Kromski, Ashford, Leclerc, Glimakra, and Beka.

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What Do You Need to Get Started with Rigid Heddle Weaving?

  • Second Heddle Kit: This has two functions. It can allow a rigid heddle loom to mimic a four-harness loom. It also can allow a weaver to use the finer cotton weaving yarns used on floor and table looms. If a person is going to weave with two heddles they have to be the same dent size In other words, can use two 10 dent heddles, but not one 10 dent and one 8 dent heddle.
  • Pick Up Sticks: Pick up sticks also allow a weaver to have their rigid heddle loom mimic a multi harness loom. They are used to create patterns in the fabric. Some of the most complicated patterns require 2 or more pick up sticks.
  • Stick Shuttles: Stick shuttles come in varying widths. It is easier to weave when your stick shuttle is close to the width of your weaving. If it is considerably longer it is awkward to handle. If it is shorter then it is very difficult as you have to reach through your weaving to grab the other end of the shuttle.
  • Stands: Stands are very useful, particularly with the wider looms as trying to balance a wide loom on your lap when propped against the table is difficult!
  • Flip Loom Trap: This is an accessory only available to the Schacht Flip looms. It creates a sling on the front of the loom that is a convent place to put your shuttle down and keep other items needed while weaving close at hand.
  • Bags: The Kromski, Flip, Cricket, and Ashford looms all offer a bag option. This is a great way to protect your loom if you travel with it or to keep dust off of it when not weaving on the loom.
  • Additional Rigid Heddles: Since the rigid heddle dictates the yarn that is used to weave with most RH weavers end up with all the different sizes of heddles.
  • Warping Board: Unless it comes with the yarn already on the loom (pre-warped) you will need a warping board (or at the very least, warping pegs) to prepare the yarn prior to winding it on. A 4.5 yard, 6-yard or 9-yard warping board is adequate for a rigid heddle loom and you will be able to use it if and when you decide to purchase a larger loom.

Free Rigid Heddle Weaving Patterns!

We are pleased to offer a number of free rigid heddle weaving patterns to help you get started on your first project. Click Here.

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