Weaving Needles, Swords, & Pick Up Sticks

  • Ashford Pickup Stick

    $8.00 - $11.00
    Add texture and visual appeal to weaving. Pick up
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  • Rosie's Tapestry Needle

    $7.50 - $10.00
    These hand carved wooden needles are sanded and th
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  • Steel Weaving Needle

    For finishing off knitted items, needlepoint, weav
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  • Kromski Pick-up Sticks

    $7.00 - $12.00
    These pick-up sticks are 1 3/8 inches wide, finish
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  • Beka Pick-Up Sticks

    A pick up stick is typically used with a rigid hed
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  • Schacht Medium Pick Up Sticks

    $14.00 - $17.00
    Pick up sticks are used primarily on a rigid heddl
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  • Schacht Beefy Pick Up Sticks

    $17.00 - $21.00
    Any essential weaving tool.  The Beefy pick-u
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  • Chibi Tapestry Needle Set

    Chibi Tapestry Needle Set These easy to thread cu
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  • Chibi Darning Needle Set

    Chibi Darning Needles Easily keep track of your d
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Weaving Needles, Swords, & Pick Up Sticks

Weaving Needles, Swords and Pick-Up Sticks

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