Spinning Wheels by Type

Spinning wheels come in all shapes, designs and sizes. However, there are some commonly accepted categories or types of wheels.

Saxony Spinning Wheels – This is the spinning wheel of fairy tales. The wheel is on one end, the flyer on the opposite end with typically three legs. The Ashford Traditional and Elizabeth 2Kromski SymphonyPolonaise, and PreludeLendrum Saxony and Schacht-Reeves wheels fall into this category.

Castle Spinning Wheels – Also known as “Upright” spinning wheels. Typically, the flyer is positioned directly above the wheel. These wheels take us less floor space than a Saxony and are a bit more portable as well. The Ashford TravellerKromski Minstrel and Mazurka; and the Majacraft wheels are good examples of Castle Spinning Wheels.

Modern Spinning Wheels – This group comprises wheels that combine traditional spinning wheel elements in new and unique designs. Wheels in this category include the  Louet wheels; Kromski SonataLendrum Original; Schacht SidekickLadybug and Flatiron; and the Ashford Joy.

Charkha Spinning Wheels – This is the traditional spinning wheel of India and is closely associated with Gandhi. It is both a functional tool and a symbol of the independence movement in India. One of the oldest known spinning wheel designs, the charkha is powered by hand and the yarn is actually spun off the tip of a pointed spindle. Charkha wheels vary in size from small book to full size floor models. Charkha wheels are ideal for spinning short staple and fine fibers such as cotton, cashmere, angora and silk.

Electric Spinning Wheels – These wheels use electricity, rather than pedal power to spin yarn. In fact, they are comprised of a motor and a flyer with no actual “spinning wheel.” Ideal for travel, or those with limited space or mobility. Examples of these type of spinning wheels include the Ashford Electric Spinner and the Roberta.

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