Modern Spinning Wheels

Modern and hybrid spinning wheels combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, which can offer spinners a more versatile spinning experience.

One notable feature of some modern spinning wheels is their foldable design, allowing for easy transportation and storage. This makes them ideal for spinners on the go! Despite their compact size, these wheels often retain the sturdy construction and smooth operation of their larger counterparts. See our page that compares folding wheels.

Another characteristic is the hybrid nature of these spinning wheels which combine elements from various traditional styles. This results in a versatile wheel that can accommodate different spinning techniques and fiber types, allowing spinners to explore a wide range of creative possibilities. From fine laceweight yarns to chunky art yarns, these wheels provide the flexibility needed to spin a variety of textures and weights.

In this category we have the Louet wheels; Kromski Sonata; Lendrum Original; Schacht Sidekick and Ladybug; and the Ashford Joy

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