• Glimakra Sofia Warping Frame

    Get your weaving project started out right and acc
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  • Glimakra Hoop Raddle

    $139.00 - $189.00
    Stainless steel loops set at 0.5 inch (1.25cm) spa
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  • Glimakra Small Wire Shaft Pin

    Set of four pins sized for a 4-shaft loom.
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  • Weaving on the Julia DVD

    Weaving on the JuliaBecky Ashenden Even if you ha
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  • Glimakra Tapestry Bobbin

    These bobbins are made from solid Birch and 5" in
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  • Glimakra Emilia Loom Stand

    Add flexibility and functionality to your Gli
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  • Glimakra Spool Rack

    The spool rack is made for 12 spools. Features
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  • Reed and Lease Stick Holder

    Use these reed supports to hold your reed at the r
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  • Glimakra Freja Tapestry Loom

    $55.00 - $115.00
    Glimakra Freja Tapestry Loom A nice tapestry fram
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