Gifts for Weavers

Have a weaver in your life? Do they need a gift? Look no further than our variety of products sure to please beginners and seasoned weavers alike.

Some things to consider when buying gifts for loom weavers:

  • What does you weaver typically weave?
  • What do they weave on?

Check out our weaving yarns as well as weaving books! You can never go wrong with a gift certificate as well!

Still need some gift ideas for weavers? Here are some recommendations to get you started searching for that perfect gift for the weaver in your life:

For the absolute beginner: Ashford Weaving Starter Kit 

For the practical weaver: Leclerc Thread Clipper or this Wrist Ruler

For the busy creative: Schacht Zoom Loom 

For the academic: On Weaving: New Expanded Edition

For the seasoned weaver: Handweaver’s Pattern Directory

If you don't find the exact yarn you want, or would like a gift recommendation for a weaver, please call the shop directly at 800-441-9665 or contact us for assistance.