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Weaving Yarn and Knitting Yarn For Sale

We carry an extensive selection of yarn sizes, yarn colors, yarn textures and yarn materials.  We have yarns in skeins and on cones.

All the yarn we carry is suitable for weaving.  Rigid heddle weaving, card weaving, tablet weaving, tapestry weaving, rug weaving, Navajo weaving, backstrap weaving, pin loom weaving, triangle loom weaving, frame loom weaving - whatever your weaving project we have the yarn for you.

All of the yarn in our shop is suitable for weaving. Many of the yarn lines can also be knitted or crocheted. However, knitting yarn and weaving yarn have some very distinct and different characteristics.

Weaving yarn is designed and spun with an eye towards strength, durability and non-elasticity. This usually is achieved by a tighter twist and/or increased ply (number of individual twisted strands). Strength is a desired quality so that the yarn can withstand the tension imparted on a loom, especially when used as a warp. Durability is often required when weaving rugs, towels or other items that will “stressed” during use. Finally, the more elastic a yarn, the more difficult it is to warp and weave. Think of the ease of walking on a sidewalk compared to a trampoline.

Knitting yarn tends to be available in a greater variety of colors, weights, styles, materials and textures. Knitting yarn lines tend to be more fashion focused and weaving yarn lines can trend toward a standard color pallet that changes little from year to year. The Woolery offers a wide variety of knitting yarns for sale.

One way to categorize yarns is by their composition or materials of construction. We have elected to segment our weaving yarn offering into three general categories:

  • Cellulose – This category of yarn is derived from plants and can be further categorized by the part of the plant that produces the fiber spun to make the yarn.
    • Seed – Cotton is the most popular weaving yarn fiber in this group.
    • Bast (Stem) – Bast fibers are found in the outer perimeter of certain dicotyledon (broad leaves, stalked leaves and a weblike vein structure) plants. Flax, ramie, and hemp are some of the more popular weaving yarn fibers in this group.
  • Protein – This category of yarn is derived from animal sources.
    • Staple – Sheep, goat, rabbit, camel, yak all produce hair that is processed into weaving yarn.
    • Filament – Silk is the lone member of this category of weaving yarn.
  • Synthetic – This category of yarn is spun from fiber that has undergone some amount of chemical processing that has altered the starting raw materials. Viscose, or rayon, is derived from cellulose pulp that is chemically processed. Tencel is a type of viscose that uses the same cellulosic pulp that is processed in a different fashion than viscose.

Weaving Yarn Weight

Weaving yarn weights are not used to describe how much the yarn weighs. Rather, weaving yarn weight designations are used to describe the physical construction of the yarn. Weaving yarns are typically assigned a weight of 3/2, 5/2, 8/4 and the like. The first number designates the size of each ply (fiber strand). The lower the number, the thicker the ply strand. The second number indicates how many individual strands, or plies, make up the yarn. If you're more used to knitting yarn sizes you can use our helpful conversion chart.

Weaving yarn is also typically assigned a yards per pound or yards per cone value. Under this simple system, the more yards per pound translates into thinner yarn. Please note that these values will vary depending on the material of construction of the yarn. 20/2 yarn made from cotton, silk and wool will all have different yards/pound values.

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