Knitting Yarns

Knitting Yarns

You can knit just about any yarn you like provided you have the appropriate sized knitting needles. This is our selection of our favorite yarns for knitting.  We carry yarns that are very thin for sock knitting and yarns that are chunkier for things like blankets or sweaters. You can knit with many different types of fiber but they all have their own benefits and advantages.

Wool knitting yarn is elastic so it can help your projects have more drape. It also sticks to itself so your project will be fairly secure and unlikely to unravel even if a stitch gets pulled out or ripped. Wool is also very warm so it's ideal for winter garments and accessories.

Cotton knitting yarn has less give than wool so it can be harder on your hands. This also makes it very durable for items that are going to get hard wear like children's toys, washcloths, or other homewares. Cotton is a good choice for people living in warmer climates.

Silk knitting yarn will make extremely soft, yet durable projects. It's an ideal choice for heirloom style lace shawls and scarves because the fiber is luxurious but also very strong. Knitting projects made with silk or a silk blend will have excellent drape and a lovely sheen that silk provides.

We also carry a wide selection of self-striping knitting yarns. No need to knit with multiple colors because the yarn will do the work for you!

Some of our favorite self-striping knitting yarns:

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If you don't find the exact yarn you want, or would like a knitting yarn recommendation, please call the shop directly at 800-441-9665 or contact us for assistance.

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