Schacht Wolf Pup Loom

The new, lightweight, go anywhere and yes, a floor loom too, Pup. Much like the Baby and Mighty Wolf looms but designed for you to take it anywhere. Assembled weight is only 38 lbs.

When folded, the Pup has a depth of only 16". It uses a simple direct tie-up system. You might call this a workshop loom because of its compact size and low weight, but there is no reason this can't be your first floor loom too.

It comes with 4 shafts and the weaving width is 18". Includes handy treadle tracker, a mini-clipboard that attaches to the back of the loom plus a stainless steel reed of your choice (6, 8, 10, 12, 15 or 20-dent), 2 lease sticks and 3 apron rods.

All Wolf looms, Pup looms and the Schacht Standard looms now come with inserted eye heddles as standard equipment.