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Navajo Looms

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Navajo Looms

Navajo Looms

Navajo weaving has a style of its own and it is truly an organic craft. The tools are basic and the equipment is inexpensive. The looms are usually portable and can be readily moved. The looms are available in different sizes depending on what size rug that you want to weave.  You can also easily build your own loom (plans included in the book "Weaving the Navajo Way") 

Upright looms have been used for centuries to produce beautiful, tightly woven, weft faced fabrics. Designs can range from highly geometric to pictorial, and are limited only by the weaver's imagination. Typically associated with the Navajos, these looms can also be used to weave the twill and plaid designs favored by the Hopi, or even contemporary tapestry designs.

We offer two different looms made by independent crafts people who have a passion for the craft. Your investment will be low compared to other types of looms, and you will discover the fun of weaving.

Items Needed to use a Navajo Loom

  • Shed sticks-used to separate the warp threads
  • Heddle Stick
  • Batten
  • Fork
  • Weaving Needles
  • Weft Yarn
  • Book and/or Video