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Leclerc Sectional Warp Beam

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Leclerc Sectional Warp Beams for direct warping from spools or small bobbins. Starting price is shown. Select size for more pricing and information.
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Product Details:

Leclerc Sectional Warp Beam

Leclerc Sectional Warp Beams - Can be used on other looms

For direct warping from spools or small bobbins.

Available in 1 and 2 inch section (The Dorothy is available in 1 inch sections for the 24 inch only).

This system consists of 4 rake-like pieces that are attached to the plain beam on the loom or onto the Double Warp Beam. It allows warp beaming 1 inch or 2 inch wide at a time and requires a number of spools according to the sett of warp ends. On the Dorothy and the Voyageur, the clamps are fixed directly on the beam;

Many weavers use the LeClerc 1" section beam on non-LeClerc looms (because very few manufacturers offer SWB in 1"). This will require drilling new holes on your warp beam. The results are excellent and the 1" sections seem to be more reliable (than 2").

A sectional warp beam is especially appreciated by the weaver without a helper since the warp can be beamed easily by one person.

The overall length of the rakes are:

  • 36" weaving width is 37" long
  • 45" weaving width is 47" long
  • 60" weaving width is 61" long

Please note, the sectional rakes do not come with the 5/16" steel rod that goes through the screw eyes to provide a starting point for tying on the warp bouts; the steel rods can usually be obtained locally from a hardware store.

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