• Louet Octo Drop Spindle

    The octo drop spindle is another top whorl drop sp
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  • Louet Drop Spindle Top Whirl

    The Louet is available as top whorl spindle (the w
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  • Erica Loom Reeds - 30cm

    $59.99 - $77.00
    These stainless steel reeds have been fabricated s
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  • Louet Spring Loom 2nd Warp Beam

    $417.00 - $454.00
    Add a second warp beam to your Louet Spring Floor
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  • Louet Magic Dobby Floor Loom

    $3,884.00 - $4,806.00
    The Louet 24 shaft Magic Dobby Loom. Made of lacqu
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  • Louet Mini Combs - Double Row

    Carding and combing are pre-spinning treatments to
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  • Louet Victoria S95 Spinning Wheel

    The S95 Victoria is not like your everyday spinnin
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