• Glimakra Aluminum Beam Cover

    $32.40 - $40.80
    Aluminum Beam Cover to protect your beams from dam
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  • Siru Rigid Heddles

    Additional rigid heddles for the Siru Rigid Heddle
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  • Siru Rigid Heddle Loom

    This portable rigid heddle loom for sale is constr
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  • Glimakra Ronja Warping Frame

    Add an on-board warping frame to any of the Glimak
  • Glimakra Fly Shuttle Beater

    A fly shuttle is a device, which makes w
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  • Glimakra Cord Threader

    A tool used to bring the warp from one side of the
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  • Glimakra Stadig Loom Feet

    Set of four rocker feet to keep your Glimakra Stan
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  • Glimakra Wood Temples

    $48.00 - $84.00
    A very helpful device to maintain the warp width a
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