Mordants and Additives

Mordants are needed to set the color when using natural dyes. Different mordants will give different results.

Alum: (Aluminum Potassium Sulfate)
This is the most widely used mordant. Be careful not to use too much with wool, otherwise you will get a sticky feeling that doesn't come out.

Copper: (Copper Sulfate)
This mordant is used to bring out the greens in dyes. It will also darken the dye colors, similar to using tin, but is less harsh.

Citric Acid: Used in natural dyeing to increase acidity of dye baths. Also used in place of Acetic Acid.

Iron: (Ferrous Sulfate)
Dulls and darkens dye colors. Using too much will make the fiber brittle.

Glauber's Salts: (Sodium Sulfate)
Used in natural dyes to level out the bath. Also use in chemical dye.

Spectralite: (Thiourea Dioxide)
This is a reducing agent for indigo dyeing.

Synthrapol: Use before dyeing to uniformly wet-out, without raising suds, improves your dye results significantly.

Tartaric Acid: A must for cochineal. This mordant will expand the cochineal colors.

Washing Soda: (Soda Ash / Sodium Carbonate – hydrous) Used as a fixative for reactive dyes.

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