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Double-Faced Tablet Weaving

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Double-Faced Tablet Weaving by L. Hendrickson
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Product Details:

Double-Faced Tablet Weaving: 50 Designs from Around the World

Author: Linda Hendrickson

Peter Collingwood writes the forward for this book. He says the aim of the auhor “is to ease the path of weavers who may mistakenly be scard by the versatile double-faced weave - old, but always renewable, beautiful but controlled. From the start, she beckons the reader on with simple, but completely accurate, instructions; she give hints stemming form her long hours of practice; she innovates - why didn’t I think of her clever A-B line - she provides working diagrams, on a unique grid, for 50 motifs carefully chosen from disparate cultures.

SC/117 pages/B&W photos and charts

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