Warp Exploration - Juniper Moon Farm Findley

Warp Exploration - Juniper Moon Farm Findley

Posted by Emily on Feb 17th 2022

We've been recently inspired by Juniper Moon Farm Findley Yarn! We've used it for warp in a sample rigid heddle project recently and we fell in love with it. We're already planning more projects using this yarn as the warp! 

Findley is a Lace Weight yarn so it has 798 yards included in each 100 gram ball. The yarn is beautiful 50/50 blend of Merino and Silk fibers. The silk makes it have a lovely sheen and gives it plenty of strength to hold up in a warp. If you wanted to weave a balanced fabric with this yarn we suggest weaving it with a sett of 15 ends per inch. You need to have a rigid heddle loom that has a 15 dent heddle or use two 7.5 dent heddles.

Remember there is no rule that you have to create a balanced fabric! We wanted to create a drapey fabric in our sample project so we warped up the Findley in a 12 dent rigid heddle. This means the individual warp ends are more spaced out, which allows the weft to show up more. 

Our sample scarf project uses the Findley as the warp and  Queensland Perth in Burra Homestead - 128 as the weft. As you can see, the fade of the weft yarn really pops because we have our warp at that slightly larger sett. We're using the same technique for winding our shuttles that we use in our Watercolor Scarf Project, but aside from that this is just a straight forward plain weave project. 

We want to try an even more drastic version of having a more weft faced project by pairing a  Uneek Worsted Wool warp with a Findley warp. 

We've been playing around deciding which colors we want to pair and we're impressed by how well these two different brands of yarn match together. Any suggestions for what type of palette you'd like to see in this project?