Variegated and Multi-Color Yarn

Variegated and Multi-Color Yarn

The Woolery is pleased to offer a unique collection of self-striping, gradient, striped, speckled and dappled yarns, many of which are hand-dyed.

Heathered Yarn - Yarn that is spun using pre-dyed fiber. The fiber is dyed, then blended with another color and then finally spun into yarn.

Rainbow Yarn – Typically dyed to include a multitude of colors, often the color spectrum found in a rainbow. 

Self Striping Yarn – Yarn with two or more colors. The colors will typically run for some length before changing to the next color. These yarns produce projects that simulate using different colored yarns without actually having change the yarn used.

Self Patterning Yarn – A subset of self striping yarns that have been dyed in specific lengths of color to produce a striped patterned when knitted, crocheted or woven.

Gradient Yarn – Yarns that gradually change color along the strand. These color changes could be monochromatic (white - grey - black) or colorful (red – orange – yellow – blue – green – violet).

Ombre Yarn – A subset of gradient yarns, these yarns typically change from light to dark within one color family. (light blue to dark navy, for example). Ombre is French for shaded.

Speckled Yarn – Yarns that have small spots, speckles or splashes of color along the strand. This is one of the more popular techniques used in hand dyeing.

Marled Yarn – Yarns that are plyed with strands of different colors into a single strand. Think of a barber pole or a candy cane.

Dappled Yarn – Combines both color variations and texture to create a unique visual effect.

Hand Dyed Yarn – Unique yarns favored by indie dyers that are unique in their use of color and design. Typically produced in small batches, each skein will be just a bit different from the next.

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