Rag Weaving Materials

There are no clear origin stories of when and where rag rug weaving began, but one thing is for certain: rag weaving has been practiced by weavers all over the world for centuries. Typically, only the wealthy could afford to buy finer textiles for their homes. Those that couldn’t would save scraps from leftover fabric or cut old clothes and linens into strips to weave their own rugs.

Rag rugs are probably the most common thing people weave rags with, but rag woven placemats are also a possibility! Universally, rag weaving has been a way to reuse old materials and repurpose them. In today’s time, rag weaving is a great way to upcycle and craft sustainably.

Choosing fabrics with good structure ensures that whatever you weave with them will last for years to come. Not only does The Woolery offer cotton rag strips for rug weaving, but we also carry cotton loops from sock scraps to use when weaving potholders!

Rag weaving is perhaps the best example of “one man’s trash is another’s treasure”. What treasures will you create?

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