Wraps Per Inch

Wraps per Inch

Below is a chart with the most commonly recognized yarn types and their associated wraps per inch
and yardage measurements.

WPI Yarn Type
Yards per Pound
2600 +
16 Fingering
14 Sport
12 Worsted
10 Bulky
8 or Fewer
Super Bulky

Determining a Weaving Sett from Wraps per Inch

To guesstimate a weaving sett from wraps-per-inch, divide the wraps-per-inch by two to get an approximate sett for plain weave. By reducing the number of yarns in an inch by half, you leave room for the weft to go over and under the warp. If you are weaving lace, the sett will be a bit less than the plain weave sett. If you are weaving twill, it will be a bit more than the plain weave sett.

Here is a chart that lists the most common yarn setts.

Handwoven's Master Weaving Chart is also an good resource for finding the sett of most yarns.

Nothing, however, replaces sampling!