Woolery Weave Off


The Woolery Weave-Off 2024 is here!

We're having a Weave-Off to celebrate the New Year and new beginnings by being creative and providing something to those in need. What you need to do: Weave a dish towel to compete for prizes in five separate categories. Here’s the thing though, you don’t get your towel back, because we’re donating them all to a local area women’s shelter, because women in crisis need the special energy that handwoven textiles provide, too!

Grand Prize Winners in each category will receive a Spectrum Pack of our BGM 6/2— that’s 24, one-pound cones of yarn in a whole array of colors!

Second and Third Place Winners in each category will receive a $50 Woolery gift card.

You need to use our Bluegrass Mills 6/2 Cotton Yarn or Bluegrass Mills Hemp Yarn (if entering into the hemp category) to weave your entry, so we're offering 25% off the price of both yarns from January 12th - February 19th!

Download The Woolery Weave-Off entry form HERE!

Note: We are unable to share draft information of winning towels you may see in emails and/or social media.


Choose one category to enter:

1) Beginners - Those who have been weaving less than one year. Please use the honor system when determining your beginner status! Use any loom that has at least 17” of weaving width. 

2) Rigid Heddle: Show off what a rigid heddle loom can do! We suggest using 6/2 in plain weave at 15 or 16 EPI! Must use a rigid heddle loom that has at least 17” of weaving width. 

3) Weave Structure: Stretch yourself, go beyond plain weave or twill. Use those shafts, use pick-up sticks, or anything to create a pattern that goes above and beyond. Be brave and inventive; learn something and get out of your comfort zone! Use any loom that has at least 17” of weaving width. 

4) Hemp - : The Woolery now offers a new line of hemp yarn from Bluegrass Mills, so we're including it in our Weave-Off submission categories! You must use Bluegrass Mills Hemp Yarn. Same towel dimensions apply, so you must use any loom that has at least 17" of weaving width. We strongly suggest that if you do decide to submit a hemp towel, that you use a floor or table loom to have better control over tension. Keep shrinkage in mind as well! 

  • Note: Hemp towels are only eligible to be entered into the Hemp category. Entering into another category will disqualify your towel for prize entry.

5) NEW! Weave If You Dare: Starting this year (2024) we're replacing our Color category with "Weave If You Dare", a category dedicated to challenging your design skills and creativity. This category will have different criteria and constraints each year, so no two years will ever be the same. Use any loom that has at least 17” of weaving width. This year's prompt is...

You must include all three elements to be considered for prize entry:

  • Use at least 3 colors 
  • Use at least one of our NEW colors: Sage and/or Inferno Coleus
  • Use an asymmetrical design (can be asymmetrical in the warp or weft or BOTH)

Entries must be mailed to:

The Woolery
c/o Elizabeth
859 East Main Street, Suite 1A
Frankfort, KY 40601


Here’s the fine print - we ask that you read completely before deciding to enter:

  • The minimum finished size for each towel is 14” x 22”, after being washed, hemmed, and machine dried. Make sure your loom can accommodate a 17” inch weaving width in order for the towel to meet the minimum width after washing and drying. 

  • The towels must be WASHED, hemmed, and dried (in a dryer) for consideration. 

  • One towel per person, you may only pick one category to enter. If you wish to donate extra towels, we will welcome them, but again, only one may be entered in the competition.

  • Entries must contain the Woolery Weave-Off Entry Form, which can be downloaded here
  • Contest entries MUST be postmarked by May 17th, 2024, to be considered. Entries postmarked after that time will not be entered in the contest, and will not be returned.

  • You must acknowledge you will not get your submissions back. In the event that we receive too many towels to donate to one place, sister residential shelters/organizations in nearby Lexington and Louisville will receive the additional towels.

  • Winner agrees to have her/his towel and name used in photos and on social media platforms.

  • You MUST use Bluegrass Mills 6/2 Cotton or Bluegrass Mills Hemp to weave your towel. You can only use Bluegrass Mills cotton or hemp, do not combine with other yarns. Cotton towels must be all cotton and hemp towels must be all hemp. 

  • Hemp towels are only eligible to be entered into the Hemp category. Entering into another category will disqualify your towel for prize entry.
  • Odds of winning change with number of entries received.

  • Winners will be notified on or around June 21st, 2024. Winner has 14 days to claim her/his prize.

  • 1st Place Winners are only eligible to win 1st place ONCE in any category.
  • Lists of winners and runners-up in each category will be available on our blog after June 30th, 2024.

  • Contest is open to entrants aged 18 years and over.

  • Woolery employees and immediate family members are welcome to participate, but they are not eligible to win.

  • Woolery suppliers are welcome to participate, but they are not eligible to win.

  • Entrants assumes the cost of shipping the towel.

  • Winner of prize assumes responsibility for all and any taxes/tariffs/duty fees incurred.

  • No ghost weavers! Towels must be woven by the person entering the contest.

  • Dyeing the yarn is not allowed.

  • Please do not put any fringe on your towels