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The Woolery is excited to announce our very first Woolery Weave-off!

Woolery Weave Off



The Weave Off was a HUGE success! We recieved over 100 entries and donations - the love and talent shown was just incredible! 

We look forward to sponsoring this contest again in 2019, and are working on adding a spinning contest, too! 

Many thanks to all those who spent their time and talent to contribute - we encourage everyone to get involved next year! Even if you are a new weaver, the Beginner category is the perfect place to showcase your newfound hobby - and give back! 

The towels are all getting donated to The Simon House here in Frankfort, Kentucky. It is a local women's shelter for mothers of young children; the donations will go in 'starter baskets' of household necessities the ladies get when they are able to move out of the shelter and in to their own homes.  We know that something as simple as a nice, functional, lovely dishtowel can make the end-of-the day chores much more tolerable - it is our hope, and the hope of all the folks who entered, that these beautiful works of art will do just that. A bright spot in a long day. 

Please stay tuned via the newsletter, blog, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts for upcoming contests, and the return of next year's weave off! 

Again, we thank ALL of you who took the time to enter your treasures. 

You can read a reflection on the contest here (links to FB), or here (links to blog), and enjoy some photos of the winning entries below!