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Woolery Swing Picker

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Patterned after an old picker we found in a barn this is the perfect tool to tease and/or blend your clean fiber before you card or comb. Saves you time and effort with excellent fiber preparation.
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Product Details:

Woolery Swing Picker

This Old Fashion Swing Picker was patterned from and old antique picker. This is the perfect tool to tease (open up) and/or blend your clean fiber before you card or comb. Saves you time and effort with excellent fiber preparation.

  • 24 inches long
  • 24.75 inches tall
  • 12.5 inches wide
  • 9 wide by 17 inch long picking area
  • 372 points

All of the steel points & swing arm are solid stainless steel. The gap between the teeth is pre set for most fiber but is easily adjustable to increase or decrease the distance between the points for very fine or very coarse fiber. Includes a simple locking clasp for safety when not in use and non-skid rubber pads on the bottom to keep it firmly in place. Made from solid Red Oak.

Minor assembly (8 screws & 2 thumb screws) required. Instructions included.


Tines on wool pickers are very sharp. Keep away from children. 

The points are sharp and we all know where the sheep have been! Make sure your tetanus shots are up to date, and do not expose children or pets to danger.

Never leave a wool picker unattended. Store your picker in a safe place. Keep away from pets and children. All wool pickers must be treated with great respect and caution. 

We recommend using close-fitting leather gloves to protect your hands when operating any wool picker. Make sure that other people, especially children, are well away and never allow children to operate or play with a wool picker. Treat it with the same respect you give a power lawnmower or a sharp knife. We accept no responsibility for any damage or injury attributed to a wool picker purchased from The Woolery. 

Do not purchase a wool picker unless you are a responsible individual who will ensure its safe use and locked storage.

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