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Ball Winders, Skeinwinders & Swifts

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  • 4 Yard Skeinwinder

    Nancy's Knit Knacks 4 Yard Skeinwinder This comme
  • Ashford Skeiner 2

    Ashford Skeiner 2 Tensioned and adjustable. Holds
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  • Babe's Yarnblocker

    Babe Yarnblocker 24" wide and 48" around, this han
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  • Beka Yarn Swift

    Beka Yarn Swift Made of natural hard maple, this s
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  • Cardboard Yarn Cones

    Cardboard Yarn Cones New cardboard cones for windi
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  • Cone Winder Adapter Kit

    The Cone Winder Adapter Kit contains all of the ne
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  • Electronic Yarn Meter

    This is a commercial grade measurement tool capabl
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  • Heavy Duty Ball Winder

    Nancy's Knit Knacks Heavy Duty Ball Winder Made o
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Featured Products

Ball Winders, Skeinwinders & Swifts

Ball Winders, Skeinwinders & Swifts

Ball Winders

  • Turns skeins of yarn into clean, neat center pull cakes or balls with ease.


  • Wind yarn into a skein with a known length.


  • Used to unwind a skein of yarn.

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