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Small Looms & Weaving Cards

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  • Ashford Weaving Frame

    Ashford Weaving Frame Simple and effective Won
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  • Backstrap Loom

    Harrisville Backstrap Loom This loom has its orig
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  • Card Weavers Start Up Kit

    Card Weavers Start Up Kit Everything a card weaver
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  • Circular Loom Set

    Circular Loom Set Set of five circular looms to c
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  • Harrisville Peg Loom

    Harrisville Peg Loom Ideal for small children. An
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  • Harrisville Wonder Wand

    Harrisville Wonder Wand A wooden shed equalizer th
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  • Jumbo Potholder Loom Kit

    Jumbo Potholder Loom Kit Potholder/Looper Loom wi
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  • Knitting Nancy

    Knitting Nancy A child's first introduction to kn
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Small Looms & Weaving Cards

Small Looms & Weaving Cards

These are suitable for small projects or as a good introduction to the basics of weaving.

Go to the Table Looms, Tapestry Looms and Rigid Heddle Looms pages for other small loom options.

We have a page on selecting a loom. If you have questions you might want to start there.

If you don't find exactly what you want, or would like a product recommendation, please call the shop directly at 800-441-9665 or contact us for assistance.