Small Looms & Weaving Cards

  • DIY Swatch Loom Cardboard Square

    Make your own swatch loom with this 6" x 6" cardbo
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  • Original TURTLE Loom™

    The TURTLE Loom™ brings patented continuous
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  • Mirrix Saffron Pocket Loom Stand

    This stand can be used to hold the Mirrix Saffron
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  • Harrisville Potholder Deluxe

    Harrisville Potholder Deluxe Kit A perfect first
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  • Adjustable Multi-Knit Loom

    Adjustable Multi-Knit Loom This adjustable knitti
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  • Mirrix Saffron Pocket Loom

    The Saffron Loom is designed as a tiny, relatively
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  • Adjustable Hair Pin Lace Loom

    Using a hairpin lace loom is the easy way to make
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  • Bucilla Circle Weaving Loom Kit

    The perfect tool for creating hand-woven masterpie
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  • Hexagons Pin Loom Set

    Hexagons is an amazing set 2 pin looms to weave in
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  • PerfectCouple Pin Loom Set

    PerfectCouple is the pocket size set of square pin
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Small Looms & Weaving Cards

These are suitable for small projects or as a good introduction to the basics of weaving.

Choose from our wide selection of small looms, hand held looms, weaving cards, starter kits and more!

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We have a page on selecting a loom. If you have questions you might want to start there.

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