Weaving Accessories

All the manufacturers have many options and accessories for their looms.  We also carry a full assortment of additional accessories from 3rd party suppliers. Shop our selection of weaving supplies and accessories.

Fringe Twister – Add a bit of flair to your finished weaving projects.  Available in 2 - 10 clip configurations.

Loom Light – A very useful addition to any loom.  Loom lights not only provide illumination, but they can aid in determining the best color match / balance for a weaving project.  A loom light will aide both the warping and the weaving process. Some loom lights also provide magnification.

Pick Glass – Magnifying glass for inspecting, comparing and counting yarn threads.  Modern versions now include LED lights for ease of use and improved accuracy.

Yarn Balance – This handy device will determine the yards per pound of a given yarn.  Once this is determined, the weaver is able to calculate the amount of yarn on hand.

Yarn Meter – Take the guesswork out of measuring lengths of yarn.  Determine a precise amount of yarn in a ball, skein, cone or in a warp.

Wax / Polish – As with any wooden item, looms are subject to the effects of environmental changes, human interaction and general wear and tear.  Changes in humidity will cause unfinished wood items to swell or contract which can result in changes to a loom’s operation and performance.  The very nature of weaving ensures that anything on a weaver’s hands will be transferred to the loom. A properly formulated loom wax (or polish) can help protect your investment.

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