Other Shuttles

  • Leclerc Netting Shuttles

    $4.50 - $6.25
    Used for tapestry weaving and any other applicatio
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  • Knife Edge Belt Shuttle

    These beautifully hand crafted knife edge belt shu
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  • Stoorstalka Gehpa Shuttle

    Gehpa by STOORSTÅLKA is a traditional shaped
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  • Handywoman End of Warp Shuttle

    $40.00 - $44.00
    Very narrow and thin shuttle that is intended for
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  • Bluster Bay Poke Shuttles

    $19.00 - $24.50
    Shaped like a tiny rag shuttle with very pointed e
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  • Schacht Rug Shuttle

    This beautiful shuttle is carved from a single pie
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  • Harrisville Shuttlette

    An 8" maple shuttlette includes a 4" wooden bobbin
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  • Louet Flying Dutchman Shuttle

    The Louët Flying Dutchman shuttle, designed b
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Other Shuttles

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