Wheel Parts and Accessories


As with most machines, there are many different parts and accessories that can help you get the most out of your spinning wheel and your spinning experience. Here are some of the most common spinning wheel parts and accessories:


  • Drive Band: Over time, drive bands will stretch or simple wear out and need to be replaced.  It’s a good idea to always have a few spares on hand as drive bands are known to fail at the most inopportune times.
  • Bobbin: Additional bobbins are always handy to have.  Always a good idea to make sure you purchase bobbins that are compatible with the flyer that you are using on your wheel.
  • Flyer: Many wheels have interchangeable flyers that broaden the types of yarn that can be spun on your wheel.  In addition to type (standard, high-speed, art yarn, jumbo, lace, etc.) flyers will have either a fixed or sliding hook configuration.  Flyers are available as either single items, or as part of a flyer set that typically includes additional bobbins and whorls.
  • Flyer Hook: Both fixed and sliding hooks can sometimes become damaged or lost and will need to be replaced.
  • Footman Treadle Connector: The flexible piece that connects your treadles to the footman on your wheel will eventually need to be replaced.  These are typically made from either leather or a flexible plastic.  This is another item that is handy to have on hand.
  • Lazy Kate: A handy tool to keep your bobbins of yarn organized.  It can also be used when you are plying yarns.  Please make sure that the lazy kate you purchase will accommodate your bobbins.
  • Bag: A spinning wheel bag is the ideal way to protect your invest for both transport and storage at home.
  • Other Accessories: There are many other accessories that can be used with spinning wheels, such as bobbins, swifts, and niddy noddies.
  • Spare Parts: The Woolery carries an extensive inventory of spare and replacement parts for all the major spinning wheel brands.  If we don’t have the exact part your need, we will work with the manufacturer to get it to you as quickly as we can.


When choosing spinning wheel parts and accessories, it is important to consider the type of wheel you have, the type of yarn you want to spin, and your personal preferences. There are many different options available, so you should be able to find the perfect parts and accessories for your needs.


Here are some additional tips for choosing spinning wheel parts and accessories:


  • Buy high-quality parts and accessories: It is important to buy high-quality parts and accessories for your spinning wheel. This will ensure that they last for many years and that they work well.
  • Ask for help: If you are not sure what spinning wheel parts or accessories you need, please contact us. Sometimes the options can be overwhelming and not all parts and accessories are compatible with every make and model of wheel out there.  In addition, antique or out-of-production wheels can also be a challenge when selecting a suitable drive band, bobbin, flyer, etc.


If you don't find exactly what you want, or would like assistance finding a spinning wheel part or accessory, please call the shop directly at 800-441-9665 or contact us for assistance.