Lazy Kates

  • Bobbins Up

    "BOBBINS UP" an answer to all of your spinning sto
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  • Ashford Upright Lazy Kate

    Standard vertical style (the one that comes with t
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  • Ashford Tensioned Lazy Kate

    Made from beautiful Silver Beech hardwood with a l
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  • Ashford Lazy Kate Wires

    Replacement wires for the Ashford Upright Laz
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  • Schacht Ladybug Lazy Kate

    This four bobbin lazy kate attaches to the body of
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  • Kromski Arched Lazy Kate

    $63.00 - $73.00
    Kromski Arched Lazy Kate These three-bobbin Lazy
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  • Lendrum Tensioned Lazy Kate

    The Lendrum tensioned lazy kate is now included wi
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  • Schacht Tensioned Lazy Kate

    This is the same Lazy Kate included with the Schac
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  • Kromski Upright Lazy Kate

    $63.00 - $73.00
    These three-bobbin kates are distinctive in their
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  • Ashford Lazy Kate Super Jumbo

    Compatible with the e-Spinner Super Jumbo and the
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Lazy Kates

A device used to hold one or more spools or bobbins in place while the yarn on them is manipulated. Lazy kates are used to ply yarn. Some spinning wheels have built-in lazy kates.  Typically, a lazy kate consists of multiple rods and come with bobbins that fit onto them. Tensioned lazy kates have a band that loops over the bobbins to prevent the spools from spinning freely.

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