Wool Blend Fibers

  • Ashford Silk Merino Sliver

    Beautiful blend of fine New Zealand Merino Wool an
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  • Rosie's Floral Wool Blend Top

    Vibrant blends of wool and viscose produce amazing
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  • Merino / Bamboo / Silk Top

    This 50/25/25 blend is a favorite with dyers and s
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  • Polwarth Wool / Tussah Silk Top

    Polwarth fiber is a fine wool breed. After crossbr
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  • Merino / Yak / Silk Top

    This combination of luxury fibers is a spinner's d
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  • Panda Top

    This wool / cellulose blend is produced to enhance
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  • Merino / Silk Top - Stripes

    Beautiful blend of extra fine Merino Wool and Tuss
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  • Merino / Cashmere Top

    Combine silky soft Merino with luxurious Cashmere
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  • Merino / Silk Top - Solids

    $32.99 - $38.50
    Beautiful blend of extra fine Merino Wool Tussah S
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Wool Blend Fibers

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