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Flax / Hemp / Bamboo / Ramie Fibers

Flax, Hemp, Bamboo & Ramie Fibers


  • The fiber from the flax plant (Linum usitatissimum) that is spun into linen.  The plant also produces flax seeds and linseed oil.


  • Hemp fiber is derived from a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant.  However, the fiber is sourced from plants that have been specifically bred for the production of the hemp fiber.  It is thought by some that hemp was one of the earliest spun fibers and it has a finished texture similar to that of linen.


  • Except for Europe and Antarctica, the Bamboo family of fast growing grasses are one of the most widely distributed native plants in the world.  Known for their rapid growth, some species can grow as much as 3 feet per day.  Since bamboo fiber has a very short staple length, it is typically processed into rayon for textile use.


  • Ramie, or China grass, is derived from a flowering plant native to Asia.  The fiber exhibits similar spinning characteristics as tussah silk.  Similar to flax yarns, ramie yarns will soften with age.

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Fiber Discounts
Purchase $150 worth of fiber and get 10% off.
Purchase $300 or more of fiber and get 15% off. 

Offer does not apply to any fibers noted as discontinued or specials or sales.

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Items 1 to 12 of 19 total

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