Bast Fiber

  • Rosie's Dyed Flax Top

    Just like kenaf, jute, nettle, ramie and hemp - fl
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  • Natural Hemp Top

    A strong durable bast fiber that is very similar t
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  • Hemp Top

    Hemp fabrics are soft and comfortable. They will k
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  • Flax Tow

    Flax Tow Fiber - 1.0 lb. Tow is comprised of the
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  • Natural Hemp Sliver

    This is high quality, European hemp fiber sourced
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  • Banana Top

    This is a ligno-cellulosic fiber obtained from the
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  • Hemp Tow

    Hemp Tow - Comprised of the secondary hemp fibers.
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  • Rosie's Hemp Sliver

    This is high quality hemp fiber. Great for hand sp
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  • Flax Strick

    A very fine grade, high quality Hand Combed Flax t
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Bast Fiber

Bast, also known as phloem fiber, is produced from the inner bark, or bast, portion of the stem of certain plants. Most bast fibers are quite strong and are widely used in the manufacture of ropes and twines, bagging materials, and heavy-duty industrial fabrics. Commercially useful bast fibers include flax, hemp, jute, kenaf, ramie, and nettle.

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