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Cotton Sliver - Treated for Dyeing - 8oz

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Cotton Sliver Treated for Dyeing



This Cotton Sliver has been pre-treated to allow the cotton to accept more dye without salt, washing soda or dye activator. Use fiber reactive, acid or direct dyes!!

Typically Ships within 1-3 Days

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Product Details:

TDF (Treated for Dyeing) is cotton that has a special treatment that allows the cotton to accept more dye, without salt, washing soda, dy activator or other auxiliaries. Although it must be scoured first (instructions for scouring), it requires less dye, less rinsing and does not require heat setting. You can use fiber reactive dye, direct dye or acid dyes on this cotton without the washing soda, dye activator, salt or vinagar.

NOTE: The fugitive blue tint washes off in scouring and is used to differentiate TDF cotton from regular cotton.

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