• Schacht Warping Pegs

    Warping Pegs are the simplest and most portable wa
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  • Schacht Lilli Loom

    Schacht Lilli Loom This solid maple frame loom fe
  • Schacht Travel Bobbin

    The Schacht travel bobbin comes with the Ladybug,
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  • Schacht Inkle Loom

    The Schacht Inkle Loom is a loom every weaver shou
  • Schacht Card / Inkle Loom Weaving Kit

    Schacht Card / Inkle Loom Weaving Kit This kit is
  • Schacht Cotton Drive Band

    This is a replacement cotton drive band for the Sc
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  • Schacht Wolf Stroller

    Most Wolf aficionados find the Wolf Stroller an in
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  • Schacht Winding Station

    Schacht Winding Station One stand holds it all. T
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  • Schacht Weaving Sword

    Weaving swords (also known as battens) are designe
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  • Schacht Sidekick Drive Band

    Black Poly Drive Band for the Schacht Sidekick Spi
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  • Schacht Cricket Heddle Hook

    This 6" Heddle Hook from Schacht comes standard wi
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