The Schacht Spindle Company started in 1969 by Barry Schacht and his brother Dan after a friend of theirs wanted to learn how to spin. The brothers heard about Greentree Ranch in Loveland, Colorado, where the people there raised sheep and taught spinning. There they learned about the art of drop spindle and with a commission to make 200 of them. After returning to Greentree with the commissioned spindles, they learned about weaving looms and they made their first portable tapestry soon after. 

While the Schacht company started as a drop spindle business, they also make and sell weaving looms and tapestry looms, they sell books on weaving, spinning, dyeing, and fiber arts.

The Woolery is proud to carry Schacht Spindle Company products and we urge you to take a look at our vast collection of their spindles and looms.


  • Schacht Bench Bag - Cherry

    The bench bags can be purchased with the bench or
  • Schacht Wolf Pup 8.10 Loom

    The Wolf Pup 8.10 expands the options of the Wolf
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  • Schacht 11" Closed Bottom Boat Shuttle

    The all purpose boat shuttles from Schacht. 
  • Schacht Baby Wolf Loom Trap

    An excellent storage option. It is wide enough to
  • Schacht Wolf Pup Trap

    An excellent storage option. It is wide enough to
  • Schacht Zoom Loom

    Schacht has taken a simple design and transformed
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  • Schacht Sidekick Footman Knob

    Replacement Sidekick Footman knobs for folding and
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  • Schacht Stick Shuttles

    $12.00 - $16.50
    The simplest and most versatile of all shuttles.
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  • Schacht Card Weaving Cards

    Card weaving is a way to create patterned woven ba
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