Rug Punch

Rug Punch is a rug making technique that pushes (or punches) yarn (or thin strips of wool) through the back of the foundation fabric by means of a large bore hollow needle.  This technique is almost the opposite of rug hooking that produces a rug by pulling (or hooking) fabric or yarn from the front side of the foundation fabric by means of a rug hook. 

A rug punch needle operates under the same basic mechanics of a sewing machine.  A needle is threaded with material and then punched into and through a fabric foundation.

Rug Punch Supplies

Rug BackingMonks Cloth and Primitive Linen are two of the more popular foundation clothes for punching rugs.  The weave structure of these materials makes it easy for the large bore needles to penetrate. 

Punch Needle – The typical punch needle is a hollow metal needle equipped with either a wood or plastic handle.  Needles are designed to either produce a set loop height, or multiple loop heights in the case of adjustable designs.

Yarn – Wool yarns that are on the bulky side are typically the yarns of choice for rug punch projects.  Our collection of suitable rug punch yarns can be found here.

Project Frame – Either a standard rug hooking frame or a quilting hoop can be used to hold the project backing in place.  Our collection of frame options can be found here.

The final key ingredient is a pattern or design.  We offer a wide selection of rug punch books that can provide some inspiration and direction for your next project.

Rug Punch Kits are also available for those interested in a ready-to-go project.

If you don’t find exactly what you want, or would like some assistance planning your next project, please call the shop at 800-441-9665 for assistance.