Located in Uruguay and Peru, Malabrigo Yarn is a family-owned yarn company that started as two brother-in-laws dyeing wool in a kitchen pot in 2005. After having good results and selling a few skeins to the US, from there they started selling to other countries and growing even larger from there. Recently the company has moved all production to Peru.

Malabrigo Yarn sells yarn of varying weights and mainly made of Merino wool. Some of the other materials can include Cashmere, Mulberry silk, linen and cotton.

The Woolery is a supplier for Malabrigo’s Nube Merino Roving Yarn, make sure to check it out below to find your next spinning project.


  • Malabrigo Nube Merino Roving

    Malabrigo Nube is a wonderfully soft 100% merino h
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