• Majacraft Standard E-Flyer

    This flyer has ceramic inserts to prolong the life
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  • Majacraft Brass Diz

    This diz is made of polished brass and offers thre
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  • Majacraft Ceramic Flyer Hook - 23mm

    23mm sliding hook with ceramic insert for durabili
  • Majacraft Jumbo Bobbin Insert

    Insert for the Majacraft Jumbo bobbin.
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  • Majacraft Fine Fiber Flyer

    The Fine Fiber Flyer has a stainless steel orifice
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  • Majacraft Jumbo Flyer Hook

    24mm sliding hook for the Majacraft Flyers.
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  • Majacraft Lace Flyer Kit

    The Lace Flyer is a variant of the E-Flyer. Howeve
  • Majacraft Footman Connector

    Replacement footman connector for Majacraft Aura,
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