• Lendrum Plying Drive Band

    Plying drive band for the Lendrum Original wheel.
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  • Lendrum Very Fast Bobbin

    The Lendrum very fast bobbin only works with the v
  • Lendrum Very Fast Flyer Kit

    Add the ability to spin very fine yarn on your Len
  • Lendrum Plying Flyer Thread Guide

    This replacement thread guide only fits the Lendru
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  • Lendrum Fast Flyer

    Lendrum Fast Flyer adds three new ratios to your w
  • Lendrum Regular Flyer

    This is for the flyer only. This flyer has the sam
  • Lendrum Saxony Bobbin

    Additional standard bobbins for the Lendrum Saxony
  • Lendrum Original Hinge

    This hinge connects the treadle to the base of the
  • Lendrum Walnut Very Fast Bobbin

    The Lendrum very fast bobbin in walnut only fits t
  • Lendrum Tensioned Lazy Kate

    The Lendrum tensioned lazy kate is now included wi
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