• Leclerc Bobbin Stand

    This is used to hold tubes and/or spools for secti
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  • Leclerc Mira II Floor Loom

    R$18.626,34 - R$22.324,63
    Leclerc Mira II Floor Loom This 4 shaft counterba
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  • Leclerc Rocking Bench

    Adjustable in 1" increments from 21" to 26.75" thi
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  • Leclerc Compact Floor Loom

    R$11.325,31 - R$14.455,93
    Leclerc Compact Floor Loom This jack-type floor l
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  • Leclerc Fanny II Floor Loom

    R$18.626,34 - R$22.324,63
    If you do not have enough space for a Nilus II cou
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  • Leclerc Weavebird V2 Loom

    R$50.899,25 - R$85.650,80
    The Weavebird is a centre closed dobby shedding me
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  • Leclerc End Feed Shuttle

    This is 13" long and come with a wooden pirn. A sp
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  • Leclerc Weighted Beater Top Bar

    R$736,29 - R$1.225,27
    Warp Faced Weaves, like Bound and Rep Weave, have
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  • Leclerc Loom Feet

    Rubber Feet that go on the bottom of the loom legs
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