• Leclerc Sectional Warp Dividers

    $24.00 - $32.00
    These are useful when beaming long warps (similar
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  • Leclerc Thread Clipper

    This 5" thread clipper is lightweight and very sha
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  • Leclerc Tension Box Extension

    This extension, with one additional comb close to
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  • Leclerc Cone Holder

    Eight cone capacity with yarn guides that is compa
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  • Plastic Tapestry Bobbin - 5"

    5"¬Ělong and made of styrene (hard plastic).
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  • Leclerc Regular Rag Shuttle

    Traditionally used for fabric strips in rug weavin
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  • Leclerc Open End Bench

    $667.00 - $725.00
    These are beautifully finished to match the looms;
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  • Leclerc Bergere 2nd Heddle Kit

    Add a second heddle to your Leclerc Bergere Rigid
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  • Leclerc Ski Shuttles

    $45.00 - $58.00
    These shuttles are used for medium to heavy yarns.
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  • Leclerc Ratchet Wheel

    Ratchet Wheel End for table looms such as the Doro
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  • Leclerc Hand Bobbin Winder

    Leclerc Hand Bobbin Winder A light but strong han
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  • Leclerc Tension Box

    The Leclerc tension box is used with the Sectional
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