• Leclerc Belt Shuttle

    $7.40 - $16.00
    These are similar to a stick shuttle but wider and
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  • Leclerc Warping Pegs

    These warping pegs lock under the edge of a table
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  • Leclerc Penelope II Tapestry Loom

    Leclerc Penelope II Tapestry Loom An excellent lo
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  • Leclerc Flying Shuttle Beater

    $1,214.00 - $1,693.00
    The flying shuttle is a beater with shuttle boxes
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  • Leclerc Netting Shuttles

    $4.50 - $6.50
    Used for tapestry weaving and any other applicatio
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  • Leclerc Dorothy Table Loom

    $773.00 - $1,462.00
    Leclerc Dorothy Table Loom Hand operated loom wit
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  • Leclerc Skein Winder

    This reel may be clamped to a table top and is adj
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  • Leclerc Voyageur Table Loom

    $865.00 - $1,763.00
    Leclerc Voyageur Table Loom Leclerc’s Voyag
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  • Clerco Warp Dressing

    Specially prepared for wool when threads stick tog
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  • Leclerc Tension Box Comb

    The Leclerc Tension Box is used with the Sectional
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