• Leclerc 2 Bobbin Boat Shuttle

    This well crafted closed bottom boat shuttle holds
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  • Plastic Spool

    4" empty plastic spool reel for yarn is compatible
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  • Leclerc Brake Spring

    Replacement brake spring for Leclerc Floor Looms.
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  • Leclerc Double Warp Beam

    $349.00 - $906.00
    A useful attachment when the take-up is greater on
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  • Leclerc Dorothy Heddle Bar

    Steel bars located at the top and bottom of each s
  • Leclerc Boat Shuttles

    $42.00 - $59.00
    These beautiful maple boat shuttles are available
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  • Leclerc Penelope II Rigid Heddles

    $32.00 - $116.00
    Please note, these heddles only fit the newer Lecl
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  • Leclerc Raddles

    $32.00 - $91.00
    Raddles help facilitate the proper spacing of your
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