Knitting / Crochet for Kids

Knitting & Crochet for Kids

In addition to being fun, knitting and crochet provide some unique and often overlooked benefits to children of all ages.

Manipulating the yarn and needle together activates and develops a child’s eye / hand coordination as well as their fine motor skills.

Depending on the project, the use of different colors can be an introduction to color theory.

Knitting and crochet projects stimulate critical thinking skills as the child first understands a set of instructions and then processes the steps necessary to finish a project. Likewise, prior planning and understanding that actions have consequences are all experienced when crafting.

Patience and resilience are key elements of any craft project.  Knitting and crochet projects take time to plan, organize and complete.  In addition, crafting is a safe environment in which one makes mistakes and then finds the best path to correct them.

Creativity can be fostered as the child realizes that there is often more than one “correct” way to do something.  Colors can be substituted, patterns can be “customized” and what starts out as scarf can easily end up as a wrap or shawl.

Finally, self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment are achieved when knitting or crochet project is completed.

Please feel free to call us if you need any assistance selecting just the right knitting or crochet project for that special child in your life.