Tapestry & Navajo Weaving DVDs

Tapestry is a specific weaving technique that is weft-faced.  In other words, the weft strands completely cover the warp thread and this produces a denser and less flexible material than traditional weaving techniques. 

Tapestry is typically used to produce decorative items such as wall hangings rather than clothing or table fabrics. Traditional weaving typically incorporates a weft threads that stretch perpendicular across the entire warp. Tapestry often incorporates weft threads that are woven into the warp in a much more free-form fashion that results in something that resembles a painting or illustration.

Navajo weaving refers to a tapestry weaving style developed and practiced by the Navajo people of the Southwest United States.  Characterized by geometric shapes, zig-zags and symbolic representations (earth, wind, fire, seasons, etc.), Navajo weaving also incorporates elements found in traditional Mexican designs and artwork.  Originally limited to black and white, the use of natural dyes in the 1800s resulted in the bright and vivid colors most often found in modern day Navajo blankets and rugs.

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