• Greenseleeves Vixen Spindle

    A very small, high whorl spindle made of dense exo
  • Greensleeves Apprentice Spindle

    A simple, durable, high whorl spindle with a very
  • Greensleeves Maureen's Mjolinor

    Smaller version of the Mjolinor. It is a high whor
  • Greensleeves Lady Barbara Spindle

    The Lady Barbara is small, lightweight and fa
  • Greensleeves Loki Spindle

    Like its namesake in Norse mythology, Loki the tri
  • Greensleeves Bare Bones Spindle

    $16.00 - $20.00
    If you are a beginner, a spinning teacher, or just
  • Greensleeves Bonesie Spindle

    $16.00 - $20.00
    A smaller and lighter version of the popular Bare
  • Greensleeves Distaff & WPI Gauge

    Made of assorted exotic woods is both a wrist dist
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  • Greensleeves Tom Foolery Bottom Whorl

    Named after Tom Fool, the jester, this bottom whor